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Creamy, nutritious, superfood, organic California avocados

passion fruit

Passionfruit vines are thriving!


Plenty of fresh passionfruit.

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OMG OJ now available in pints and quarts, or by the glass at the Farmers' Markets.

Sorry we can't ship Organic OJ yet....



Valencias are as sweet as ever and we will have them in the Farmers'Market until November. Avocados are done for the year. Looks like a small crop next year. Organic lemons are limited for the next couple months. Organic Passion fruit is available and



Named by our customers, OMG OJ is available at the Farmers' Markets in Chico and Paradise(Tues., & Sat.), and in our So Cal markets.


Harpos Organics produces only certified organic fruits, vegetables and herbs,oj, and now Orange, Orange-Lemon and Orange-Rosemary Marmalade. Passionfruit, Oranges, Lemons, Marmalade and avocados are available at Chico, and Paradise, Farmer's Markets. We are now offering additional avocados varieties and lemons from our organic neighbors in Bardsdale. We have been certified since January 2005 by the California Certified Organic Farmers www.ccof.org

Harpos Organics is a family owned organic ranch in Ventura County, just across the river from Fillmore, in sunny Southern California. This ranch has been in the family since 1917 when my grandfather, Harold McFadden, settled in the Santa Clara River Valley in the community of Bardsdale. After I received an MS in Agriculture and 11 years of consulting and teaching sustainable agriculture and resource management, my wife and I decided it was time to apply our knowledge and interest to managing the family farm. We took over management in 2001, began farming without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and received organic certification in 2005.

We endeavor to enhance the ecological diversity of our farm by relying on nature to grow our cover crops, rejuvenating the soil and the many organisms that support healthy trees. We use water as conservatively as possible (subsurface drip) and use only natural predators to control pests. We are also developing natural habitat borders around the farm to harbor plants and animals that support a diverse ecosystem. We are located a stone's throw from the Santa Clara River and plan to help re-establish a fruitful and productive riparian habitat. We think you'll find our passionfruit, oranges, lemons and avocados to be among the best you've ever eaten. That is our guarantee.

We are discontinuing our online store

We have available bulk organic lemons, avocados and oranges. Contact us for a quote.

Please feel free to contact us at our home on Butte Creek outside Chico, CA:


-- Allen Harthorn and Pamela Posey, Bardsdale, CA


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